Athletic Resume Templates

Creating an athlete resume is essential for those looking to make their mark in the competitive world of college recruiting, whether it's for baseball, softball, or any other sport. An athlete resume, often referred to as a sports resume, serves as an athlete profile that showcases your skills, achievements, and potential to college coaches. This editable template is a valuable tool for athletes of all levels, from travel ball players to those competing in showcase tournaments. It allows you to highlight your accomplishments and statistics, making it easier for D1, D2, D3, and JUCO recruiters to evaluate your suitability for their programs. With this comprehensive athletic resume template, you can put your best foot forward and increase your chances of securing your spot in the college sports world.

Here are the benefits of our Instant Downloadable Athletic Resume Canva Template:
- 🎯 Professionally designed template for all sports, including baseball and softball.
- 🌟 Ideal for athletes at all levels, from travel ball players to showcase tournament competitors.
- 🚀 Delivered instantly after purchase for immediate use.
- 🎨 100% customizable within your free Canva account.
- 📌 Create a standout athlete profile to impress college recruiters.
- 💪 Take control of your sports career and future opportunities.
- 📧 Convenient digital product, no need to wait for shipping.
- ⚠️ Please note: Due to the digital nature of the product, it is not returnable or refundable.

Athletic Resume #1

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Athletic Resume #2

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Athletic Resume #3

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Athletic Resume #4

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Athletic Resume #5

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Athletic Resume Bundle

All 5 designs in one pack!

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The eBook to Get You Started with Recruiting

The Road to Recruited eBook

Unlock the secrets to getting started in college sports recruitment with "The Road to Recruited" eBook. This comprehensive step-by-step guide provides student athletes and their parents with essential tools and skills to navigate the recruiting process.
Start with Step 1 to set up all the necessary tech and free online accounts, including an Athletic Resume and a College Recruiting Spreadsheet.
Step 2 helps you organize college information and create a list of potential colleges.
Step 3 focuses on communicating your value through athletic resumes, social media, and video highlights. In
Step 4, you'll learn how to maintain a positive mindset, craft effective emails, and organize coach communication.
Finally, Step 5 ensures you stay consistent with weekly recruiting tasks and offers additional support to maximize your recruiting efforts.

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Resources for College Recruiting

College Recruiting Team Brochure

Crafting a standout college recruiting brochure is a vital step for aspiring student-athletes in the competitive world of college recruiting. A well-designed brochure, complete with a photo and even a QR code to a website, resume, or film, can make a lasting impression on college coaches and recruiters. Whether you play in soccer, softball, baseball, or volleyball, this college recruiting brochure becomes a powerful tool to showcase your team. Customize this template in Canva to create an eye-catching brochure to highlight each of your players' profile. As your players embark on the journey of college recruiting, your college recruiting brochure becomes the bridge between your passion for sports and your dreams of higher education.

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College Recruiting Bundle

This Bundle Includes:
Athletic Resume Templates (Edit in Canva)
College Recruiting Spreadsheet (Available with a free Airtable account)
College Recruiting Team Brochure (Edit in Canva)
Email Prompts for College Recruiting (PDF)
Possible Things to Include in Emails to Coaches (PDF)
15 Email Ideas to College Coaches (PDF)
30 Social Posts that Focus on Character (PDF)
30 Non-sport Social Media Posts (PDF)
4 Sample Thank You Notes to College Coaches (PDF)
24 Organization Tips for College Recruiting (PDF)
25 Things to Do to Help Get Recruited for College (PDF)
24 Mindset Tips for the College Recruiting Process (PDF)

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College Recruitment Spreadsheet

Introducing our comprehensive college recruiting spreadsheet template – your all-in-one solution for efficient athletic recruitment management. Tailored for high school athletes aspiring to join college sports programs, this recruiting organizer simplifies the process. Track and evaluate potential recruits seamlessly with dedicated fields for athlete details, academic achievements, and NCAA compliance. Stay organized and boost your sports recruiting efforts by utilizing this user-friendly tool, designed to enhance the journey from high school athlete to college player. Elevate your recruitment game with our recruit spreadsheet template, empowering both students and colleges in the pursuit of excellence.

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The Recruitment Roadmap

This Roadmap walks you through all the steps of how to get started in the college recruiting process. If you're feeling overwhelmed by what to do or where to start, this is the perfect roadmap for you!

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The Course to Get You Started with Recruiting

The Road to Recruited Video Course

All the information you need to get started with recruiting is in this eBook, but if you want step-by-step video instruction, then the video course is right for you. Unlock your path to college recruitment with "The Road to Recruited," an in-depth video course that guides you step by step through the entire recruiting process. This comprehensive course equips you with essential skills and tools through easy-to-follow video tutorials.
Start with Module 1, where you'll set up all the tech and free online accounts needed, including a design account for your Athletic Resume and a College Recruiting Spreadsheet.
In Module 2, learn to organize your college information and start your list of colleges.
Module 3 prepares you to communicate your value by creating and sharing your athletic resume, posting on social media, and updating your video highlights.
Module 4 offers tips for maintaining a positive mindset, crafting effective emails, and organizing your communication.
Finally, Module 5 teaches you how to stay consistent with weekly recruiting tasks and offers additional support.
With clear, actionable steps in each video, "The Road to Recruited" provides all the guidance and resources you need to achieve your college athletic goals.

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The Membership to Keep You on Track with Recruiting

Recruit Ready Reminders - Membership
$27.00 a month

Recruit Ready Reminders is a program designed to support you with weekly emails and access to a course that provides a weekly mindset tip and a jumpstart to help you stay on track. This additional service is available for purchase for a monthly fee. Each week, you'll receive a priority planner to ensure you're completing your recruiting tasks, along with prompts to help you focus and manage your time effectively. The planner aids in organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling your work for the week. Additionally, you'll get 20 potential tasks to keep you progressing through the process. For those moments when you feel exhausted, rejected, or overwhelmed, the program includes jump starts to reignite your motivation, along with mindset tips to maintain your focus and positivity.

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Market Yourself to College Coaches


Social Media Posts

50 captions to post on social media focused on highlighting your academic and athletic success.

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Email Prompts and Ideas

Ideas and prompts to help you know what to write to college coaches to help you get recruited.

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Organizing Tips

40+ Tips to help your stay organized during the college recruiting process.

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Mindset Tips

Mindset tips to help you stay focused, positive, and resilient through the college recruiting process.

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Thank You Notes

Templates for thank you notes to send to college coaches after you've meet them at a tournament or camp.

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College Recruiting Bundle

All the templates featured in the Positive Sports Communities Store in one pack.

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